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Normal blow and draw notes, blow and draw bends, overblows and overdraws - a physical point of view brings order into this diversity. The essay Frequencies explains this idea and can be found here (the German version of this essay has been substantially reworked and extended in the meantime. The English version will be released soon. Status: March 27, 2019)

What makes blues harp reeds oscillate?
Why  do blues harp reeds oscillate? The answer to this question is not as  simple as you might expect, as the air-flow of the player's breath is  always one-way. Imagine a child on a swing, with the wind steadily  blowing from behind. If the child is inactive, an initial rocking motion  will die down. Eventually the wind from the back will just have the  effect that the swing with the child sitting on it will be slightly  inclined. So why do blues harp reeds oscillate? The first part of an answer to this question can be found here - further parts will follow... (this article has been revised and supplemented. Status: March 27, 2019).
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