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Alfred Förtsch
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1. The instrument

The classic source is Steve Baker's Harp Handbook:
Steve Baker, The Harp Handbook (ISBN-10: 0711949190)

A wealth of information about the harmonica can also be found on  Pat Missin's website.

2. Musical acoustics

A comprehensive popular science introduction to the physics of musical instruments has been posted on the web by the Australian University UNSW.

A standard among scientific textbooks is the book by Fletcher and Rossing,  published in 1998 in 2nd edition, which offers a comprehensive overview  of all types of instruments. Much emphasis is placed on a clean  mathematical presentation in Chaigne and Kergomard's textbook published in French in 2008 and in English in 2016. This also applies to the 2004 published script by Rienstra and Hirschberg, which can be downloaded from the site of the University of Eindhoven: Link.

Fletcher, Neville H., and Thomas Rossing. The physics of musical instruments.
Chaigne, Antoine, and Jean Kergomard. Acoustique des instruments de musique. Belin, 2008.
Chaigne, Antoine, and Jean Kergomard. Acoustics of musical instruments. New York, NY: Springer New York, 2016.
Rienstra, S. W., Hirschberg, A.: An instroduction to acoustics. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (2004)

3. The vocal tract

What happens in the mouth during bending? On YouTube you can find videos by and with David Barrett, who was filmed bending in the MRI tube:

Video Footage of MRI Harmonica Bending Study with David Barrett and Stanford University
The Study: MRI Harmonica Bending Study with David Barrett and Stanford University (part 1 to 4)

The scientific paper on this research can be downloaded from the Acoustical Society of America site: Link.
Egbert, Peter R., et al. "Real-tiime magnetic resonance imaging of the upper airways during harmonica pitch bends." Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics ICA2013. Vol. 19. No. 1. Acoustical Society of America, 2013.

The resonance properties of the vocal tract and their role in speech production were first studied in detail by Fant:
Fant,  Gunnar. Acoustic theory of speech production: with calculations based  on X-ray studies of Russian articulations. Vol. 2. Walter de Gruyter,  1971.

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